Featured Guest on 'Forge Your Potential' Podcast

I was delighted to be invited to work with Steven Connor and Dustyn Stevens at Forge Your Potential on a podcast about relationships. The conversation covered a lot of ground - everything from what brings people to therapy, the struggles of millennials in the world of relationships, to the process of healing from betrayals. And a lot in between...

Dustyn and Steven asked a lot of the same questions that I hear from clients, friends or those who are just curious about what I do. So I'm sharing one of the highlights of the podcast, My hope is to let you in on what I have learned about romantic relationships, how I approach the common struggles couples face and the way I help couples restore their relationship and strengthen their bond.

Click on the segment below to listen and view a transcript of the recording. I hope that this glimpse into what we experience and do in our most important relationship will be eye-opening for you. :)

Making the Leap - Why Couples Come to Relationship Counseling